Marco is a self taught filmmaker, heavily influenced by his fathers technical skills and his mothers warm soul.
His textural and experimental work tries to find new ways of exploring visual and narrative storytelling – always with a human story at its core.

Growing up in the late 90s as a son of a hard working car mechanic and an administrative assistant, Marco spent his early childhood mostly in his fathers garage, exploring all the things he was not allowed to touch. Disassembling things and using them in a new order / crafting became his early on passion in an otherwise boring south German village.
His formative years were in the early 2000s, when his cousin founded a skateboard company that introduced Marco to the skateboarding world.

Marco’s commercial body of work includes international clients like Audi, Mercedes Benz, VW, JBL, Bayer, SKII, Unilever, Adidas, Deichmann, Sportscheck, Siemens. He also shot musicvideos with Juju, Bausa, Ufo361.

Marco is currently living in Berlin.

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